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Life is an Unwritten Book...Fill in the Pages

I know the plans I have for you...Plans to give you hope and a future.-Jer 29:11

I LOVE British accents! <3 I could listen to Brits talk literally for the rest of my life & never be satisfied. I love love roller coasters! I love movies, I'm a total movie freak. I also LOVE musicals, they make me smile! I love love love love LOVE children, they are the greatest thing on God's green earth. They make me smile & laugh & I can always be 100% me around them without being judged. Hopefully my job someday will be something with kids. I love camping & hiking w/ friends & bonfires. I love laying in the grass & watching for cloud-shapes. I love the moon, full or not; I love the stars. I'm the kind of person who likes to wear sunglasses in the dark & in the rain. I love walking barefoot in the sand...and anywhere else, as Ms. Jessee constantly reminds me! :P I love going to Mississippi to visit my grandparents & doing simple things like blowing bubbles & playing baseball in the backyard; watching great movies for the thousandth time w/ people who love them as much as you do. I love Disney movies, especially Beauty & the Beast! I love writing in my diary about all the funny, sad, & weird things that happen to me; then going back & reading ones from ages ago. I love flip-flop tans & lightning storms on the beach. One day I want a piece of lightning-struck-sand-turned-to-glass. I really love to sit on the porch in the swing & listen to the rain.